They Are Why Louisville Leaders Begin With Momentum
for Accountable Business Consulting

“When I first met with Momentum, I was not sure what to expect from a “Business Coach”. Since we began working together, we have identified many areas to work on. One single area we looked into, since corrected, more than recovered our investment in the coaching.” -S.M. (Automotive Services)

“I have been working with Momentum on my business and what a difference it has made! They are so knowledgeable and the questions and advice really put things into perspective. If you are looking to build success or keep success in your business, I HIGHLY recommend working with Momentum Business Results. It will make a difference!” -K.G. (Accounting Services)

“We actually were included among the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Louisville after working with Momentum Business Results. They are a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to work with. You will see results.” -R.H. (Child Care Services)

“Business coaching provides me ongoing opportunities to continue to work “ON” improving my business instead of only working “IN” my business. Starting with the long term vision, we’ve developed strategies and tactics outside of my normal everyday activities to ensure we are progressing towards the future I want.  Having a trusted resource to privately discuss ideas has been invaluable. I now have a much stronger grasp of my numbers. Paying attention to the most important long term priorities week in and week out, my performance has improved significantly while my business continues to grow.”  -T.M. (Real Estate Services)

Since I engaged Momentum, the results for my business have been significant. My willingness to listen to, and implement, their recommendations has resulted in:

  • Specific measures and actions to keep my business on track

  • Sales processes and strategies for potential leads

  • Objective input in areas of my business that are not on my radar screen

-R.V. (Engineering Services)

“In the short period that we have worked with Momentum Business Results, our efficiency has improved dramatically, helping our bottom line significantly. In addition, I have been working fewer hours while actually being more productive. Most importantly, with their help, I have a much clearer and positive vision for the long-term future of my business.” -M.R. (Automotive Services)

“Coaching has helped in negotiating cost without sacrificing quality or quantity. I’ve saved money through careful budgeting and planning. It’s refreshing to have to a different perspective on issues that arise. It has helped me analyze my company and to recognize its strengths and weaknesses both in general and versus other companies in my industry. We have turned some negatives into positives.” -K.F. (Residential Home Services)

“We utilized Momentum Business Results to implement a sales program. They forced us to look at specific areas of our business and to take apart the numbers in ways that we never would have done without their coaching. By understanding these strategies for our business, we were able to quickly identify which areas we could make progress with and which may be wasting our time. They will ask you hard questions and put you on the spot, but if you will buy in to the system, I believe you will see similar positive results.”  -D.W. (Electrical Contracting)

Momentum helped us to identify and create goals that are allowing us to follow a logical path towards our definition of success, and they introduced us to tools that are helping us grow our business no matter what kind of economic climate is out there.”  -B.B. (Residential Remodeling)

“It’s a great opportunity to have a sounding board for ideas and thoughts from someone not involved in the day to day operation, where it’s easy to associate “change” with “more work.” Talking through a wide range of topical issues can move in many directions. Yet we consistently bring back our discussions to the central point that my coach is an advocate for the things I want to achieve. Sometimes the things I want, I don’t even know about.” -J.B. (Sign Industry Services)

“My ability to concentrate on what is most impactful and effective for the benefit of our organization has continued to increase while I’m feeling less interested and concerned about the many distracting trivial items that arise in our day to day operations.” -C.G. (Non-Profit Organization)