What Does a Business Consultant Do?

And Other Commonly Asked Questions

Which areas of the business will coaching address?

While each coaching program is uniquely customized for the priorities of the business (and the owner), clients typically work to strengthen several, if not all, of the following areas:

Strategic Planning

Goal Setting

Marketing & Advertising


Systems & Process

Team Performance

Personal Growth

Accountability & Execution

How much does coaching cost?

The investment a business owner makes for coaching is determined by the anticipated workload and regular meeting schedule.  It’s imperative that the business be able to achieve a strong return on this (or any other) investment.  If, for some reason, an owner doesn’t see the benefit of investing in coaching, Momentum will help guide prospective clients toward other resources.

How do I know if Momentum Business Results is right for me and my business?

There are four common traits that identify the mindset of the leaders who benefit most significantly from Momentum’s business coaching services.

  1. A belief that their business and/or role can be even better than it currently is
  2. An appreciation for outside perspective and collaboration
  3. A desire to be proactive and intentional about improvements
  4. A commitment to challenge themselves in the spirit of better results

There are multiple companies and individuals who offer business coaching related services.  While virtually all offer value, it’s important that the coaching firm, coach and client have good chemistry. Schedule a meeting with a Momentum coach to see if business coaching is a fit for you and your unique situation.

Does Momentum have experience with my industry?

The strategies and tactics used by Momentum Business Results’ coaches can be applied to a wide variety of business categories. Some recent examples include (but are not limited to):

Automotive Service & Repair      Accounting     Advertising     Building & Remodeling     Commercial Cleaning     Construction     Electrical Contracting     Financial Services     Health & Fitness     HVAC      Information Technology     Legal Services      Manufacturing     Marketing     Media    Non-Profit    Plumbing    Print & Publishing     Real Estate     Residential Services     Retail

We always welcome a discussion to determine if / how we may be able to help any business in any industry.

How much time is required?

It takes additional work and effort to increase results and improve any situation.

Momentum coaches are passionately committed to ensuring that each client develops more effective ways of utilizing their time so they can successfully focus on progress in key areas.

Before engaging in the coaching process, clients should anticipate investing approximately 2-4 hours each week through a combination of meetings and/or dedicated time on the priorities identified.

How long are coaching contracts?

All of Momentum’s coaching agreements allow either the owner or the coach to discontinue the process at any time.

Interestingly, most Momentum clients remain with their Momentum coach for multiple years because they find the process to be an effective way to continuously improve their business.

There are no long-term commitment requirements.

Which roles or positions does Momentum coach?

Most commonly, coaching clients tend to fit into two primary categories:

1)  Business owners and/or partners who operate a local, independent business.  Typically, these are classified as Small Business operations with 3 – 200 employees.  Within these businesses, coaching can include the owner and/or other designated leaders (i.e.– President, Vice-President, General Manager or Sales Manager).  Additionally, some coaching sessions may involve front line employees.

2)  Leaders within larger corporations.  These clients are typically responsible for a particular segment of that larger organization (i.e.–Vice Presidents, Directors, Area Managers, General Managers or Sales Managers).