“A coach is someone who tells you what you don’t want to hear… who has you see what you don’t want to see… who has you do what you don’t want to do… so you can be who you’ve always known you could be.”
—Tom Landry

 Personal Growth Coaching for Louisville Business Owners and Executives

stressed business ownerTake if from a business coach who has become focused on personal growth consulting based on the primary needs of small business owners: It’s common knowledge that most small business owners find themselves in that role more as a result of circumstances than by way of a life long plan. They rarely set out at a young age to become a business owner. They rarely spend their school years studying a curriculum of entrepreneurship and small business management. Indeed, it’s much more likely that their career path led them to develop skills in a particular industry, and then opportunities or situations arose that prompted them to take these skills and experience, and step out on their own.

As a result, most small business owners have a solid base of knowledge in their specific industry. They know and possess the skills necessary to do the work. They have contacts and customers in the industry. They have what they need to be able to start, operate and grow their own business.

The long-term challenge, then, becomes how to evolve from being a “technician” (or even a “manager”) in the business, to becoming an effective “leader” and business person. Because, until this occurs, the owner really has more of a job than a business.

Thus, what often remains to be learned are some of the more advanced skills necessary to facilitate this evolution and growth. While there is more than a single way to acquire and develop these skills, one of the fastest and most effective is to work closely with someone who has years of expertise and experience in teaching,  training and coaching these critical skills.

Momentum Business Results coaches, supports and encourages our clients so they develop the ability to:

  • Create specific short-term and long-term personal goals
  • Have a plan for continuous learning and growth
  • Understand and identify individual behavioral, communication and learning styles
  • Establish, track and measure effective goals and objectives for the business
  • Achieve goals and implement strategies at an agreed upon pace
  • Continuously self-evaluate, and ask…
  • “Why did I become a business owner, and am I on the path / pace that I intended?”
  • “Where is my business now? Where do I want it to be in a year?   Two?  Five?”
  • “What are my roles within the business, and am I investing the optimal amount of time in the right roles?”