“If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”
John Wooden

 Business Process Improvement Coaching

business process imageYour processes run the business. Your people run the processes. In any truly successful business, effective processes are the keys to success. With the experience and accountability-based direction of your improvement-focused business coach, you will make profit-oriented processes repeatable and sustainable (without the constant involvement of the owner). Creating as much quality-centric and brand-supporting automation as possible is the core principle of business process improvement.

Your processes describe, “this is how we do it here”. They might be different from one organization to the next, but every successful operation has them.

The processes spell out, in specific detail:

  • the necessary steps
  • the order in which they are to be taken
  • who is responsible for each step, and
  • how it will be tracked and measured to ensure quality.

When your cheeseburger from your favorite fast food restaurant  is prepared exactly the same way each time you order it, no matter which location you walk into across the country….   Or when the item you ordered online yesterday from somewhere thousands of miles away arrives on your doorstep today…

fast food burger imageThat’s a result of repeatable, sustainable processes that ensure consistent, predictable results!

Your small business may not be providing products or services nationwide, but your ability to deliver to your customers’ expectations quickly and efficiently every time is a key part of successfully growing your customer base (and revenue).

The more time you and your team have to spend asking yourselves, “How do we want to do it this time?”, the less efficient and effective you can be…and the greater the chance of error (translates: cost overruns). Look, we all know that you love your business.  We also know that you probably don’t want to have to work there 50 or 60 (or more) hours every week.

Furthermore, there’s a good chance that, someday (maybe sooner rather than later), you’ll want to sell or transfer your business to a new owner.   And those 50 – 60 hour work weeks to which you’ve become accustomed over the years probably aren’t going to look all that enticing to a prospective buyer. As a business owner, the efficiencies that are derived from having effective processes are the keys to your personal freedom and independence.

If your processes (and thus, your team) won’t work without you being there to monitor and oversee each step along the way… then you’re stuck working unnecessary hours (which is a business situation that nobody else is going to want), until you find a way that it can and will run without you.

Momentum Business Results clients learn and understand that every part of the business needs effective processes and procedures to run efficiently.

  • Forecasting, budgeting and planning processes
  • Interviewing, hiring, performance reviews and other HR processes
  • Sales management, activity, messaging and business development systems
  • Estimating and pricing procedures
  • Project management, “hand offs”, job tracking and job tracking processes
  • Billing, accounts receivables and collections procedures
  • Accounting, accounts payables, IT, cash flow analysis and financial processes
  • Customer service processes
  • …and anything else that needs to happen on a regular basis