“A coach is someone who helps people to do what they don’t want to do, so they can achieve what they want to achieve.”

– Tom Landry

Momentum Business Results has assisted hundreds of Louisville area business owners and leaders who are determined to build stronger, more profitable, more successful businesses.   Momentum coaches help clients focus on making real progress and achieving tangible results!

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Duane Shover

Prior to 2006, when Duane started his coaching business, he successfully operated, “turned around”, bought, “started up”, owned, grew and/or sold multiple businesses.   During this time, he consistently developed strong teams, generated steady growth and profits, exceeded customer expectations and built sustainable organizations.

His true passion, though, is coaching and helping others to achieve their goals.  During the day, he focuses on coaching business owners, and, outside of work, he coaches fastpitch softball at a Louisville area high school.

“Within the first nine months of working with Duane, our sales have more than doubled, as did our profit margin. His insights on marketing strategies, and his ability to identify methods to incorporate those strategies, has increased our company’s value. He knows when to push and when to pull back. He is patient, but direct. He provides accountability, and practices what he preaches.”     –R.K.


Brian Houp

Prior to 2013, when Brian began coaching full time, he enjoyed an exciting career in the fast paced field of TV advertising. For 15 years, he successfully lead multiple companies through numerous ownership transitions, while increasing both revenue and profits.  When battling fierce competition, his teams achieved great success in both client and employee retention, even in the most challenging economic conditions.

When not coaching businesses, Brian is busy traveling around the region following his son’s lacrosse team in the summer or praying for more snow in the winter so he can get another run in on the ski slopes.

“Brian has a great gift at making me feel comfortable while at the same time holding me accountable.” -C.G.

“One of the things I have always loved about Brian is his ability to look at the same situation from both 100,000 feet and the day to day operational detail level – a skill that is hard to find!” -H.L.